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I've been wanting to produce a record that reminded you and I  of the fresh beats that I was making back when I first started creating in 2011, 2012, 2013. I feel as if am always changin...
Tags : Hip-Hop/Rap,Dark,Dramatic,Energetic,Inspiring,Soulful,Film,Freestyle,Orchestral
Last night I was dreaming in a deep sleep and I started making this instrumental in my dreams.  I had this west coast feel to it, all I can really remeber was this track from back in the day...
Tags : Hip-Hop/Rap,Aggressive,Dark,Energetic,Inspiring,Soulful,Film,Freestyle,Orchestral
I spent the day with my family at the ocean over the weeknd and every moment was perfect.       INSTRUMENTS: Synths, ...
Tags : Hip-Hop/Rap,Inspiring,Freestyle,w/ Hook
Happy New Year everyone!  I recently achieved my goal of obtaining my bachelor's degree.  Earlier this evening I was chilling in the studio with a good friend talking about how t...
Tags : Hip-Hop/Rap,Film,Freestyle
Still in the lab going in, check out this joint.  Lets work.       INSTRUMENTS: Keys and Bells. &...
Tags : Hip-Hop/Rap,Epic,Club / Dance,Freestyle
Whole city going crazy... Whole City going crazy...       INSTRUMENTS: Keys, Synths, FX.   ...
Tags : Hip-Hop/Rap,Energetic,Freestyle
In the lab cooking up that heat...       INSTRUMENTS: Leads and Synths.   ARRANGEM...
Tags : Hip-Hop/Rap,Energetic,Groovy,Inspiring,Freestyle
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