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Posted by HydroFeb 08, 2013

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I’m not old. Let me just get that out of the way. I’m in my 20’s. Don’t ask me what section of the 20’s I currently occupy, because it’s not important. Don’t think that I’m afraid to say how old I am. I’m in the last year of my 20’s, which explains why I’m beginning to feel the way I feel. I do not like where rap music is headed. 

I constantly hear that younger fans control too much of what is considered “mainstream” rap music, but I have yet to find evidence or studies to confirm this statement. If you’re not familiar with the term “mainstream,” it’s something that so-called diehard rap fans use to describe everything that they don’t like. It’s also a catchall term for what’s currently on the radio or music video channels. The rappers on our radios are younger, but they’re not getting younger, we just got older. Essentially, they are same age that our favorite rappers were when we were growing up. Eighties babies are no longer the intended audience.

A common statement in my circle is "We’re getting too old for what’s on the radio". I was told that the older you get the more you should learn. So if we’re getting too old for the radio, I would argue that we’re also getting too smart for the radio. That’s not to say that our generation of radio was so much better. I do recall listening to The Puppies "Funky Y2C" (please YouTube it!) on my local radio station’s afternoon countdown. Was that song directed at younger people? I suppose so, but those same stations also played Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang, Tupac, and Biggie. Which one of those acts was aiming for the kids? I know that ODB halted the Grammy’s to reassure those in attendance that the “Wu-Tang is for the children”, but he also rode in a limo to pick up food stamps. You tell me which one of those actions I am supposed to take serious. Maybe saying that radio is only trying to appealing to younger fans is just an excuse for not liking what we hear... or another attempt at not coming off sounding like an old hater. I guess a more accurate statement would be,

"I don’t like what I hear on the radio anymore because none of it appeals to me at my age. Could someone please fetch me my quilt? I feel a draft in here. And please turn to channel 13. Matlock is on. All I need now is my spectacles... Where are my spectacles?"

As a testament to how much I love hip-hop culture, I sincerely hope that my taste in music has grown old as opposed to today’s music actually being as bad as it seems.

The biggest sign of my aging taste in hip-hop is not just what I tolerate but what I am NOW willing to tolerate. I guess I should explain. I will not tolerate Trinidad James. In fact, he’s one of the main reasons that hip-hop and I may not have a future together. He’s a walking talking example of everything that not only rappers (…well most rappers) but people of my race (…well some of people of my race) have tried to distance themselves from. 

"Rappers" Distancing List:

1. tacky jewelry (specifically on the teeth),
2. overt drug use,
3. over using the n-word (I was urged not to use it in this blog as well...),
4. bandana’s tied at the forehead,
5. rapping while holding baby pit bulls.

"People of My Race" Distancing List:

1. gold painted bicycles,
2. unbuttoned leopard print shirts,
3. panda bear ski-masks,
4. being shirtless wearing a golden backpack in the club,
5. bringing attention to things that are crooked (specifically teeth).

I am not going to argue whether he has rapping skills or not. To be honest, that entire subject would be based purely on the ear of the beholder. I would give you guys a link to it, but I refuse to give him anymore internet hits than he already has. I will just include an excerpt from his nationwide smash “All Gold Everything” and let you be the judge...

"This ain't for no f**k n***a
If you a real n***a then f**k with' me
This one for the hood n***as
The hipster b***hes that shop at Lennox
Dark skin, light skin, Asian and white women
Hypebeast we know aboutchea'
Don't buy shoes unless they popular
For the hoes, my n***a
That's p***y poppin' that Magic City
Got that strong, my n***a
Then come match that s**t with' me
Smoking mid, my n***a
Then don't pass that s**t to me
This one for my n***as
And b***hes bout' that money"

I tried not to judge a book by its cover. I actually checked out this guy’s music. When I flipped through the pages of the Trinidad novel all I got was a rash from fake gold and greasy fried chicken fingers. My cover judgment stands... Garbage!!!  I will not tolerate Trinidad James.

On the other side of that coin, I will NOW tolerate Silkk The Shocker. When that No Limit tank first took America by storm, I felt as though Silkk (that is not a misprint... that guy uses two K’s) was the weakest link in the horribly gaudy chain that at the time was the loudest mouth of the South. There were certain traits that I just could not overlook:

1. his stutter-step flow,
2. those god-awful mid 90’s sunglasses,
3. arguably the worst straight-to-video movie I’ve ever seen (please download a bootleg copy of Hot Boys right now).

This combination led me to despise Silkk The Shocker’s existence in the rap game. If you add Mya’s hit single “Moving On” to that list then he equates to my arch-nemesis. I did not tolerate Silkk The Shocker.

With all of that being said, I would still gladly put Silkk’s "It Ain’t My Fault" into steady rotation on the radio right now in place of "All Gold Everything" by Trinidad James. Is this what hip-hop has driven me to? I’m now willing to tolerate a rapper that I once despised as long as it would cancel out what I view as the biggest mistake that rap music has ever accepted.

I was told by the person that gave me this platform that by this point in my bIog, I need to have justified calling Trinidad James "the biggest mistake that rap music has ever accepted." I’m not sure if my point has been well justified, but I do have a test for everyone that’s okay with him being a "successful" artist. I challenge any of you to play his "All Gold Everything" music video for a semi-close friend that does not regularly listen to rap music and is not black. You must introduce the video as the future of rap music, tell them that you like the song and video and you are not allowed to appear as if you are joking at any point during its viewing. If you can do this without feeling like you are setting your people (whether they’re black men or rappers) back 20 years, then you’re officially a Trinidad James fan. You may now ride off into the sunset on your all gold bicycle, and never read my blog again. Never reading my blog again is not a part of any bet. You’re just not welcome to read it anymore. I won’t allow it. Chances are what I have to say isn’t going to entertain you very much anyway.

This isn’t about stopping hip-hop from heading down the wrong road. This isn’t about hating on a man who apparently acquired a 2 million dollar deal from Def Jam, which is arguably the greatest label EVER in hip-hop. This isn’t about the fact that this guy has admittedly only been rapping for 11 months before acquiring his deal. This isn’t about wishing ill on another man’s dreams. This is about bars, or the lack thereof. Those bars are one of the biggest factors that the world took into consideration when they finally acknowledged rap music as an art form. I personally cannot support a campaign for fingerpaints when I personally witness Rembrandts on a daily basis. I cannot… no… I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT.

I will now list artists that I would gladly trade "back into style" for others that I feel need to stop. All of the artists I’m making a bid for are not necessarily in the same boat that Silkk was for me, but I don’t think any of their better days in hip-hop are ahead of them. I’m only one man, and by no means do I feel like I have the authority to actually make this happen. It’s just the opinion of an aging and slightly confused hip-hop participant.


OUT   IN Notes
Chief Keef  for  Vanilla Ice He’s that s**t I don’t like.
Gucci Mane  for  Bubba Sparxxx Only over Timbo productions though.
Flo Rida  for  Murphy Lee He was the excuse people used for liking the St. Lunatics.
Birdman  for  Coolio Exchange red star head tattoos for odd standing braids.
& V-Nasty
 for  Vita & Amil Like this one matters.
 for  Ja Rule’s
For about 6 months.
Lil’ B  for  Mr. Cheeks Really... Based God?!
Ca$h Out  for  1/3 of Da Band I'll endure Choppa & Fred again if rappers will stop replacing S’s with $’s.
New Nelly  for  Old Nelly He was like Samson except his strength must have been in his band-aid.


Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em for… never mind. The moment has passed. If anything, he started this garbage in the first place. Half of the people on this list are "Internet A&R signees." They’re rappers that record companies threw a ton of money at simply based on quantity of YouTube views and nothing more.

At the end of the day I would just like to turn on the radio again. Not satellite radio or my iPod full of old music, but the radio. This is not a plea from an old man for things to go back to the way they were because honestly, if you look at the right side of my list, THAT is the way things were not so long ago. I’m just hoping that in 2013 I’ll find a way to be okay with what I’m literally forced to listen to. Just because it’s free it doesn’t mean that it has to sound like it. But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

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As a 20 year veteran lyricist and original lost member of The Midnight Society, Hydro The MC specializes in rapping about his life and lying about being the lost member of random groups. Known to the government as Jermaine Eldra Miles, this underground rap artist has a long history driven by hip-hop culture. He also boasts an ongoing career in the Armed Forces that has taken him to many different corners of the globe.


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