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Posted by HydroJan 29, 2013

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My name is Jermaine Eldra Miles, but to a handful of fans (handful is used literally and fans is used as loose as possible) I am known as Hydro The MC. I’m a rapper/lyricist from the small town of Marion, South Carolina, but I have lived and recorded music in many different parts of the world thanks to a passion for hip-hop and a job with the U.S. Air Force. I would like to think that this information will help you understand my point of view better, but I have been told on many occasions by people I call my friends that I do not sound, look, talk, dress, or act like anything that I mentioned earlier in this paragraph. I will be more of a conversationalist in terms of what I offer those of you that frequent this website and share my love and passion for music. You might be saying, "He stole that entire last sentence from The Leik's introduction." To that I would reply, "Yes I did.” The Leik is a close personal friend of mine and he wouldn't appreciate a snitch so mind your business. On a brighter note I commend you on attention to detail.

I now offer a song that I previously recorded in order to help familiarize you with not only my lyrical style but also my desperate need for someone to hear my voice....

I've been rapping for a total of 20 years (that's 87 in rapper years) and to be honest my writing hand has been getting a little tired. It's not that I can't come up with the rhymes anymore, but that I have lost the need to rap. The joy of rapping stopped being my motivation a long time ago without me even knowing it. At some point in my life rapping stopped being for fun and started being for therapy. Now that my life is so much happier than it's ever been, my drive to continue rapping has become nonexistent. So much so that if you did hear about me anxiously advertising something recently recorded you can rest assured that my life has taken a turn for the worst. Hopefully this forum will motivate me to be more proactive with the talent that I have been nurturing since the fourth grade.

I listen to all types of music, but let’s be real, I'm here for rap music and hip-hop culture. I was raised on rap from each coast and feel knowledgeable enough about all regions so no Burroughs, Coasts, Areas, Sides, Peninsulas, Hoods, Traps, or Corners should feel unnoticed.

The main thing that I can offer you is an unfiltered opinion and viewpoint about a variety of hip-hop related topics. These opinions (affectionately known by my close friends as diatribes) will be supported by 1) a life molded by hip-hop culture since approximately 1988, 2) an obligation to be truthful about all things related to that same culture, and 3) an ego not quite big enough to stop me from Googling to make sure that my facts aren't complete and utter bullshit. You must also keep in mind that I am just now reaching the age where I feel as though I am becoming exactly what I hated as a young rapper: An old rapper that thinks he knows everything. That alone will make for some startling discoveries that I hope to share with all of you.

Before I start keeping a log of my inevitable hip-hop dementia for all of the world to see, I would love to get to know some of whom will be reading it. Post a comment below if you'd like. If not, I understand. There are plenty of creepers out here in the interwebs. There's no need to give them all a platform to speak from. Technically, I guess that's what I'm here for... On second thought, "creepers" might have been a little harsh. Let's say visionaries instead. Visionaries, feel free to tell me a little about yourself in the comment section below and to reply with opinions about whatever I post in the future. I look forward to us helping each other grow.



As a 20 year veteran lyricist and original lost member of The Midnight Society, Hydro The MC specializes in rapping about his life and lying about being the lost member of random groups. Known to the government as Jermaine Eldra Miles, this underground rap artist has a long history driven by hip-hop culture. He also boasts an ongoing career in the Armed Forces that has taken him to many corners of the globe.


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