Baby Don't Leave

Producer: CHill

Alright everyone, we're back on schedule and have a ton of firework projects on deck.  This week, I'm filling member request, posting covers, and dropping beats with hooks.  Here's to a fantastic weekend.  I woke up this morning playing around in the lab with some vocals and came up with the crayzest joint ever! I hope yall have fun with this one.  This is the first track of the year with voice samples.  All samples in this track are free and clear!

INSTRUMENTS:  Voice Sample, Strings, Synthesized Leads.

ARRANGEMENT: 4i-4c-16v-8c-16v-16c-8o.

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap | R&B
Mood : Energetic|Groovy|Inspiring|Soulful
Style : Samples|w/ Hook
Tempo: Low, 74 BPM
Plays : 7,854
Favorites : 105
Ratings : 9
Comments : 11
Creative Commons License This work by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
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