Less Fame More Air

Producer: CHill

Some want the fame, others want the forune.  Many just want the space, air, and the freedom to express through music.  Dope projects you guys have been posting.  From beats getting placed into your short films, to making mixtapes, and even talking with fellow A&Rs about how important it is for artist to stay creative in music was so inspiring.  Keep going, always be working on something fresh and new.  Passing on the good vibes to y'all.  Keep Grinding.


INSTRUMENTS:  Trumpets, Strings, and Leads.

ARRANGEMENT: 8i-12v-8c-2b-12v-16c-4o.

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Energetic|Happy|Inspiring|Soulful
Style : Experimental|Freestyle|Spoken Word
Tempo: Low, 74 BPM
Plays : 8,359
Favorites : 94
Ratings : 10
Comments : 15
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