Slow and Low

Producer: CHill

Spending a few more days under the sun in  Miami making magic.  All I see is drum machines and palm trees.  Even though the scenery is immaculate it's been all work even on vacay.  Here is a track that Machine Gun Kelly, Two Chains, Pastor Troy, even Big Boi would spit that chopped up fire vocals to... Heat!!!


SAMPLES:  CHill, (Yeah, What)

INSTRUMENTS: Synthesized Leads, FX, Bells, Piano, Strings.

ARRANGEMENT:  8i-2b-12v-8c-2b-12v-16c-2b-8o.

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Dark|Energetic|Epic|Inspiring
Style : Experimental|Freestyle|Samples
Tempo: Low, 60 BPM
Plays : 13,629
Favorites : 180
Ratings : 15
Comments : 14
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