Producer: CHill
An artist's debut album must fulfill and surpass the expectations of their listeners. Drake's album 'Thank Me Later' was a solid release containing a wide array of unique instrumentals finessed with innovation. Addictive choruses and smooth vocal harmonies coalesce with tight lyricism make this album satisfying to a broad spectrum of palates. His song titled 'Karaoke' was my inspiration for creating this instrumental. Make sure your first impression is never your last. INSTRUMENTS: Triton Strings, Padded Background Effects, Yamaha X8 synthesized sounds. ARRANGEMENT: 4i-8v-8c-8v-8c-8v-16c-8o.
Genre : None
Mood : None
Style : None
Tempo: Low, 78 BPM
Plays : 831
Favorites : 14
Ratings : 3
Comments : 1
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