Producer: CHill
It was another day in the city Atlanta. It was a cold and delicate morning. The sound of traffic nearby traveled off the walls in my suite. It sounded busy. After the flight inn I rested up for another session that was booked with some emerging artist in the local area. I grabbed my bag, and hopped a ride to the lab. When I walked into the studio, the first thing I noticed where note pads that were filled with scribbled handwriting, and artist reciting their parts. I thought to myself, what a Giant would make. I started feeling colossal. I powered up my workstation, and begin creating a masterpiece. The room became a lyrical lava pit filled with a group of people free styling as I made the beat. Here you are. If you?re looking for a solid, sound, orchestral track that includes a nice drum machine breakdown in the verses look no further. INSTRUMENTS: Multiple Strings, Brass Section, Drum Snare rolls. ARRANGEMENT: 8i-16v-8c-16v-8c-16v-16c-8o.
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Dramatic|Energetic|Epic
Style : None
Tempo: Low, 75 BPM
Plays : 455
Favorites : 9
Ratings : 3
Comments : 2
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