Producer: CHill
So, we pull up to a fashion show in central New York a few months back after leaving a jam session on the east side. Taking a seat along the runway, I knew that we were in the right place to get the ideas flowing. Designers, businessmen, media, film and music pros lined the venue. The room was overflowing with exquisite models draped with soft fabrics hand stitched to perfection. On either side of me, photographers parlayed while camera flashes strobed frantically to capture the sensual movements of these gorgeous women as they run the runway. The energy was intense and provide the inspiration for this track. This smooth instrumental features a delicately upbeat and flashy RnB vibe. INSTRUMENTS: Bongos, classic string section, KORG Synths, Yamaha Rhodes and Bells. ARRANGEMENT:
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap | R&B
Mood : Energetic
Style : Club / Dance
Tempo: Mid, 90 BPM
Plays : 574
Favorites : 31
Ratings : 4
Comments : 4
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