Lifes a Piano

Producer: CHill
It’s a new day, as I walk into the room I can see the warm bright rays from the sun filling up half of the room. Life, I often take a step back and find metaphors that are alike. Looking for motivation, I scavenged through my heavy duffel filled with equipment, the one I take on the road between studios. Unsuccessful, I started to write out the things that influence me the most, then realizing that the gem I needed to craft the next song was right in front of me. I call this one 'Life’s a Piano'. Here you have several blends of strings, special effects, combined with streamline melody and drum machine switches that are fast and pleasant. Arrangement:
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Epic
Style : None
Tempo: High, 140 BPM
Plays : 586
Favorites : 14
Ratings : 5
Comments : 6
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