Sound of the Beat

Producer: CHill
Picture a warm Summer's Friday night just footsteps away from the beach. Strolling along the boardwalk and feeling the ocean breeze while the warm amber glow of streetlights continuously fly over our heads. Strolling from lounge to lounge, we follow the rhythmic heartbeat of the music towards a small spot with live Reggae. We enter a crowded room with a groove so thick you could taste it. Now on stage with a Jamaican vocalist as he croons away at the chorus and my adlibs. The crowd rocks out and at this moment I am one with the sound of the beat. I've added all kinds of special effects and layered drum machines. The strings slice through the drums while accompanying the piano section.
Genre : Reggae
Mood : Energetic
Style : Club / Dance
Tempo: Mid, 90 BPM
Plays : 569
Favorites : 10
Ratings : 2
Comments : 3
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