Winter Wonderland

Producer: CHill
A wind whistles through each crevice of my drafty studio as it exhales the frigid breath of winter with a rhythmic roll. A feeling of euphoria falls over me as hot coffee breaches my lips. My fingers begin tickling the icy white keys causing a warm aura of sound to unfold from my piano. Deep strings bump into a running cello with a cymbal crash as the music graduates with horns and violas. A choir and ringing bells celebrate the coming woodwinds as the detailed layers of this instrumental fall softly into your ears. Inspired by a request from member Ben Miller, this melodic winter fantasy was born at the heels of past classic musicals and lives to overlay your film project.
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap | Other | R&B
Mood : Dark|Dramatic|Epic|Inspiring|Relaxed
Style : Christmas|Film|Orchestral
Tempo: Mid, 82 BPM
Plays : 591
Favorites : 10
Ratings : 4
Comments : 5
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