Overdo It

Producer: CHill

After recently hearing the diss record Charged Up from Drake in a twitter response to rap artist Meek Mill about Drake having a ghost writer write his some of his music... I thought quickly back on great battle records from Hip-Hop artist like Eminem, Jada Kiss, Common, Cannibus, LL Cool J, lol, but most importantly the classic epic diss record 'Ether' response to Jay'z song Takeover.   The battle between Nas and Jay will forever be one mentioned as one of the greatest battles in Hip-Hop history until someone else raises the bars lol.  #Fact The exact moment I had heard the Ether record on the radio for the first time, in my car... back in the day... I drove to the straight record store to buy the Stillmatic album before the song ended on the radio to put things into perspective.


INSTRUMENTS: Organs, Choir, Strings.

ARRANGEMENT: 4i-16v-8c-16v-16c-12o.

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Aggressive|Energetic|Epic|Groovy|Inspiring|Soulful
Style : Film|Freestyle|Spoken Word
Tempo: Mid, 82 BPM
Plays : 4,556
Favorites : 37
Ratings : 3
Comments : 5
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