Hold it Down

Producer: CHill

The last few weeks of February have been a struggle for me musically on the creative side.  So I posted a message about it on my Facebook page a few days ago.  I received dozens of comments during the open discussion, new song ideas, inspiration, types of beats that have inspired you as artist.  Enough energy to help me get back in the zone for you guys in the studio.  To show my appreciation, I'm running through every comment and I'm going to turn some of your ideas into dope music.  Good look fam.


INSTRUMENTS: Leads and Bells

ARRANGEMENT:  4i-12v-8c-12v-16c-4o.

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Energetic|Groovy|Inspiring|Relaxed
Style : Film|Freestyle
Tempo: Low, 66 BPM
Plays : 5,311
Favorites : 56
Ratings : 3
Comments : 6
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