Seeing Sounds

Producer: CHill

"If you're reading this its too late" a tweeted message that revealed a well orchestrated mixtape album released from Drake last week that left half of the world buzzing about the current state of rap, hip-hop.  A short message left me thinking... being spontaneous with your music is going to give you the edge you need artistically.

Creating what's in the moment, now, or just doing the unexpected making artwork that is unpredictable. Bless them with verses that they can back on reflect on later down the road, or just ponder for days on out.  Think complex metaphors.

INSTRUMENTS: Synths, Leads, FX, Pads.

ARRANGEMENT: 4i-12v-8c-12v-16c-4o.


Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Dramatic|Epic|Soulful
Style : Film|Freestyle
Tempo: Mid, 90 BPM
Plays : 4,822
Favorites : 21
Ratings : 5
Comments : 1
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