In Vein

Producer: CHill

Today was filled with dopeness.  Inspired by the videos, music, and art you all have been sharing with me over the beats.  I'm already planning out 2015.  Right now Quiz, and my other artist are working on some fresh sounds for you all to work with.  Check out this beat I created, then I decided to mix it up by throwing Quiz's vocal sample on the record.  Lets work.


INSTRUMENTS: Leads, Choir, Bells, Synths.

SAMPLES: " Quiz Always kept my word about it boy!" 

ARRANGEMENT: 4i-12v-8c-2b-12v-8c-2b-12v-16c-4o.


Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Aggressive|Dark|Dramatic|Energetic|Epic|Inspiring
Style : Samples
Tempo: High, 144 BPM
Plays : 5,785
Favorites : 45
Ratings : 7
Comments : 4
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