Judgement ft. Chadroto

Producer: CHill The Producer

Just teamed up with Hip-Hop artist and Music-Producer, Super-friend Chadroto from the Motor City to rev the beats up a notch and make the music redline. Make sure y'all hit his artist page, support all of his music and music productions! Tune in to his soundcloud Chadroto.  Check out his latest album tiltled 'AG da Prequel' and classic album 'Indigo' . His music is definitely forces to be reckoned with in Hip-Hop. Be sure to subscribe to  Chadroto's Youtube channel and hit Roto's website and his Bandcamp page to check out his discography that has all of albums and releases. Follow him on Twitter also at @CHADROTO. Comment on the track let us know if we really got a banger on our hands. This is just the beginning, we had the start 2014 off with a bang!!!!!! 

CHORUS LYRICS:  Chadroto [One shot then Reload, Keep letting em' Go, Been losing control. Only God Can Judge me!, hah Only God Can Judge me! hah, The one and only, hah, Only God Can Judge me!, hah]  VOCAL ADDS: [Whoa now... Whoa now...]


INSTRUMENTS: Leads, Pads, Bells, Choir, FX.

ARRANGEMENTS: 4i-8c-12v-8c-12v-16c-8o.

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Aggressive|Dark|Dramatic|Energetic|Epic|Relaxed|Soulful
Style : w/ Hook
Tempo: Low, 60 BPM
Plays : 7,323
Favorites : 58
Ratings : 10
Comments : 24
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