Ghetto Story

Producer: CHill The Producer

Outside standing by my ride, remising on how reflective rap music and hip-hop music used to be... I suddenly begin feel as cold and cool as this winter morning.  Mind frozen, as I grew numb and fell deep into those distant musical memories. Daydreaming' I could hear the warm crackle from the classic wooden record player, as the silver needle drops on the record and the song starts there begins...  at that moment... my ears begin to hear the tunes of of Motown Records, Stevie Wonder, The Spinners, The Jackson 5, The Four Tops, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Temptations, played on my inagination, then the record skipped a beat and I came to.  All I could do was look, saddened by the silence I just couldn't seem to find the words to express my feelings... Peep this joint I created earlier, a bring your story to life instrumental.  Take em' back.


INSTRUMENTS: Guitars, Pads, FX.

ARRANGEMENT: 8i-16v-8c-16v-16c-8o.

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Dramatic|Groovy|Sad|Soulful
Style : Film|Freestyle|Spoken Word
Tempo: Mid, 88 BPM
Plays : 7,755
Favorites : 60
Ratings : 8
Comments : 7
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