Rolling Legendary

Producer: CHill

Was chilling in the studio yesterday, vibing, grooving, listening to my 70's oldies station on my Iphone Pandora App when the music started to talk to me... The lyrics went...  "Papa was a rolling stone, wherever he laid his hat was his home..." Temptations.  Continue to search and define your artisty.  Because at that very moment I relaized that everything we day to day requires soul, work, and 100% belief.  Make the studio your home.  Lay that foundation, and be a rolling stone.  Be Legendary.


INSTRUMENTS:  Orchestral Strings, Electric Guitars, Special FX.

ARRANGEMENT:  4i-8c-16v-8c-16v-16c-4o.

14Dec2015 - Renamed from "Rolling Stone" due to duplicate title (16Feb2011).

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Inspiring|Relaxed|Soulful
Style : Film|Freestyle|Spoken Word
Tempo: Low, 74 BPM
Plays : 7,060
Favorites : 34
Ratings : 4
Comments : 5
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