Pure Adrenaline

Producer: CHill

Today I feel different, I spent most of my night thinking about the next beat I want to put out.  In music you have to give it all you got.  Put all of your heart into what you do best.  You only get one shot at it.  You gotta make it count.  Pure Adrenaline.  


INSTRUMENTS:  String Orchestra, Trumpets, Horns, FX.

ARRANGEMENT:  4i-4c-16v-8c-16v-8c-16v-16c-8o.

20 Jan 2016 Renamed file due to duplicate name:  Adrenaline Rush 2011.

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Mood : Energetic|Epic
Style : Freestyle
Tempo: Low, 74 BPM
Plays : 8,589
Favorites : 129
Ratings : 14
Comments : 14
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