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Mission’s goal is to inspire great works of art and allow projects with even the smallest production budget access to truly great instrumentals. also serves to educate users with informational blogs and videos created by seasoned artists, producers, and sound engineers.

About is the premier website offering a diverse array of original, high-quality instrumentals for free, without any cost to our users! Launched in July 2010, gives artists complete access to the hottest professionally produced, downloadable tracks of all genres completely free, royalty-free, and with unlimited license. What this means is that you are free to record, mix, perform, modify or do anything else you can think of with instrumentals; We only ask that the original producer always be credited. Royalty-free gives users the ability to use instrumentals without ever having to pay us in return. All instrumentals made available to our users come with an Unlimited License allowing artists the freedom to pursue limitless creative expression without contractual restriction.

We guarantee one new track uploaded everyday and blogs posted weekly so there is always something new to hear and see at has a built-in notepad, editing and saving functions, and numerous sharing options to foster on-the-fly creativity. Guests can browse our vast selection of tracks and listen to the beats we have to offer. To begin downloading instrumentals, just create a free member account. You can either download the track to create your unique project or listen while writing your lyrics directly on

Our handpicked team of experienced producers craft first-class instrumentals that inspire, excite, and complement our members' vision. Artists and producers have historically been separated by industry middle men, each unable to directly interact or influence the other unless they had acquired the professional stature to demand access. removes that barrier and allows producers a forum to share their beats freely. Artists can download and use the tracks as they best see fit and are encouraged to rate and comment on the instrumentals. This open feedback system ensures that only the highest quality beats are available and producers continue to gain a better understanding of artists' needs.


The Blog page educates artists with informative written and video blogs on numerous topics to address the differing needs of our members. is continuing to undergo extensive development to bring an array of innovative new features and artist tools by Summer 2013.

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