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Posted by Beat Dec 31, 1969

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Username & Song Titles

before you pay.

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Username & Song Titles

before you pay.

The demand for tracked-out Stems is growing so much, we've decided to create an order form to help expedite the process. Use the PayPal button on your right to initiate your Stem request and we'll hook you up within 48 hours.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to provide your TruMental Username and Song Titles for each instrumental you want tracked.

If you have questions that aren't answered in the Q&A section below, message us on Facebook for a quick reply.


Deliverables: STEMS - The tracked-out Stems (instrument groups) of the requested instrumental(s) will be supplied in lossless .WAV format.  -or-  WAV - A single lossless .WAV file format will be provided of the finshed instrumental.

Payment Terms: - The requested audio files will be delivered (via download link) to your email address within 48 hours after your PayPal payment clears.

Cancellation: - Payment is non-refundable; however, we will discount or return your payment due to any delay or mistake on our part.

Non-Exclusive License Agreement: -

Q & A___________________________

What are Stems? - A single Stem is one of the many audio sources (or instrument groups) that comprise a song.  For example: a guitar melody, snares, and bassline are three different audio sources... and thus three different Stems of a song.

How are Stems used? - Stems are typically used during mixing to allow for independent control and signal processing of each audio source and can be manipulated independently from each other. Stems may also be supplied to a musician in the recording studio so that the musician can adjust a headphones monitor mix by varying the levels of other instruments and vocals relative to the musician's own input.

What is .WAV Format? - Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) is an uncompressed (lossless) audio format usually required by audio engineers in order to obtain the best sound from the mixing and mastering process.





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