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Posted by Administrator Nov 16, 2012

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TruMental will be carrying on the flag with our new image and artist resources.  TruMental is also just a much more interesting name; don't you think?  TruMental is part of the word 'instrumental' which means, 1) music composed of instruments and 2) serving as a means of influence and importance.  Furthermore, 'true mental' is entirely descriptive of both the works that our experts provide for you and the resulting art that you create.

We opened in July 2010 as a prototype in order to gauge the reaction of users to such a service.  After gaining a phenomenal response from you and other creators, we've decided to expand the services that we offer to help you perfect your craft including more producers and articles from experts.  Additionally, we'll be introducing a newly designed website that offers more, is even easier to use, and is cooler to look at.

We'd like to sincerely thank you for hanging in there with us and supporting our efforts to uplift music and artistic creation from the block to the stage

If you like, you can start using to access our site now.

Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think about the TruMental name and logo.  If you hate it, we need to know; if you love it, we want to know that too.



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